Our First Year Top 10 Best Buys

Our First Year Top 10 Best Buys

Our First Year

I can’t believe it has almost been a year since Isla-Grace was welcomed into the world! Well that was the most traumatic/ hideous/ painful/ emotional/ exhausting/ overwhelming/ amazing experience of my life so far!!! I found pregnancy fascinating, then giving birth was just the icing on the cake of how remarkable our bodies are without having to mention the amazingness of breastfeeding!

Before I had Isla-Grace I had nannied for many families, especially families with babies. From my past experience I gathered up all my favourite baby items to use for when Isla-Grace was here.

I knew having my own baby wouldn’t be a walk in the park and very different to being a nanny where you get to go home at 7pm and have a nice uninterrupted sleep to feel refreshed ready to face another day! However I also don’t think it has been as hard as I had prepared myself for… but then again Isla-Grace is a very happy content baby so I do feel very lucky!

I decided to do a blog on all the amazing baby equipment we have used in the first year as I know there is so much out there to choose from and I do feel that without my top 10 best buys, the first year would have been very different and a teeny weeny bit more stressful!!!

Here are our top 10 best buys:


  1. Tippitoes Baby Bath

First Year1


Literally the BEST invention! It has a ledge for baby’s bottom so they can sit back in the bath and you are hands free and able to clean them! For the first few months we used to bring the bath into her nursery on a towel as lots more space, until she learnt to kick and splash her arms and legs around getting everything wet! Isla-Grace loved this bath and stayed in it until she was sitting up by herself. I also think it is a bargain price!

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2) Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker



Another amazing product! This lays flat, slightly up or full up into a chair and has a flashing mobile with music. Isla-Grace never liked lying flat because of her silent reflux so this was absolutely perfect.


3) Swaddles



These are brilliant and have Velcro to keep it secure. I know not all babies like to be swaddled but Isla-Grace certainly did!


4) Sleepyhead



Expensive but SO worth it!!! Isla-Grace slept in this from day one and has always been a good sleeper. The reviews on the John Lewis Website speak for themselves!


5) Baby Einstein DVDs



I have always limited screen time to half an hour in the morning and another half hour before bath time. These DVDs have been a life saver and they are the only programme which holds Isla-Grace’s attention. She has watched these since very little and I love observing her watch them as she gets so excited. At the beginning it used to give me time to get things done but now I usually sit with her and point things out and teach her new words.


6) Treasure Basket


I have already done a blog on this but please make one if you haven’t already! https://www.contentedchildcare.co.uk/sensory-fun-for-babies/


7) White Noise Machine


This is the one we have but I certainly didn’t pay that price! I think it’s been discontinued but can be found a lot cheaper on eBay! This one is brilliant as it stays on until you turn it off and has so many different sounds. It also has a music setting which we still use now. Still used now for day time naps to drown out the dog barking at the postman etc!


8) Jumperoo



I am pretty sure most people have heard of these now and they are brilliant!

They even do a space saving one which I convinced my mum to buy for their house which was brilliant as it folds flat. We even took it in a suitcase on holiday to Italy!!!  http://www.amazon.co.uk/Fisher-Price-CHN38-Rainforest-Spacesaver-Jumperoo/dp/B00R6CIK7A/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1455836262&sr=8-1&keywords=space+saving+jumperoo


9) Baby Dam



Once Isla-Grace outgrew the baby bath we then moved onto using the Baby Dam in the big bath which is a brilliant invention! It means we can just use half the bath which saves time and water!

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10) Retractable stair gates 


These are amazing! When they are not in use the retract back so you can barely even notice them- so much better than the usual metal gates I always managed to trip over!

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