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School holidays: making the break

The freedom to change terms should be used sensibly and in co-ordination with what other schools are doing in the same area The long – for some parents, agonisingly long – summer school break in England and Wales could be about to end. From September next year, 70% of state primaries and 30% of state secondaries […]

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Department of Education: Register & set a min. level of childcare qualification for all UK nannies.

Nannies are the only childcare providers that are not compulsorily registered or have any minimum level of qualification. Anybody can come to the UK, obtain a DBS check and then work with children without any qualifications or registration. This is putting all children within the sole charge of a nanny at risk as has been […]

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Nanny Jobs in a Recession

When the country is in the grip of a major economic recession many families are hit by financial difficulties and have to tighten their belts. But what does this mean for nanny jobs in Britain? Higher wage earners For the higher wage earner, the recession doesn’t seem to impact too drastically on nanny jobs in […]

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10 Challenges for the Nanny of a Non-working mother

Working mothers aren’t the only ones who hire nannies to do in home childcare. There are an amazing number of mothers who are not earning an income, in or outside of the home, who still employ nannies for childcare. The reasons can vary. Some mothers lead very active lives involved in volunteer activities or other […]

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Three young siblings launch three separate businesses – on their family farm

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A nanny, a beauty therapist and a plumber – business clearly runs in the family for three south Oxfordshire siblings. But where other brothers and sisters may bicker, co-operation is key for the Lays who at just 32, 28 and 25, have taken the plunge and each launched fledgling businesses – at the picturesque surroundings […]

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