From Maternity and Beyond

From Maternity and Beyond was founded in 2018 by Alison who has worked as a Maternity Support Worker for 10 years and Aimee who is Chiltern trained professional nanny. Alison started work in 2005 in the John Radcliffe Maternity unit.

Alison gained a great deal of experience in working with newborns and helping parents to adapt to life with their new baby. During this time, she worked with antenatal and postnatal women, helped to nurse unwell babies, ran paediatric clinics and carried out a massive amount of breastfeeding support work. She worked on maternity wards and with a community midwifery team. Alison facilitated a breast feeding baby cafe within a Children’s Centre and delivered breast feeding antenatal education.However, as much as she loved her job she began to feel like she wanted more and so in 2014, Alison left the Oxford Midwifery team and started to do a nursing degree at Oxford Brookes University. Her plan was to convert this to a Midwifery qualification further down the line, however as it is often the case; life had other plans for her and she welcomed her second daughter in August 2016. This coincided with the start of her third year of her Nursing Degree. Alison soon realised that returning to university was going to be problematic and desperately wanted to stay at home with her beautiful baby for as long as possible.

During her extended maternity leave and after several long conversations with Aimee, Alison decided that she wanted to work with families again. Aimee also realised after her personal life transformation that she was passionate about creating happy, healthy, positive home environments where everyone can thrive and flourish. Together they made the decision to provide a service which helps parents to have the best experience possible with their babies in the early days. To support Mummies to feed their babies how they want to and to fill the gap that our amazing Midwives and Support Workers are forced to leave, due to time and financial constraints. They hope to offer a service that is affordable and allows parents to receive support in their own home. Somewhere parents can turn to ask the 100’s of questions that go through their minds; without feeling they have to rush or prioritise. Above all this Alison and Aimee want to support parents to provide the wonderful nurturing beginnings that all our precious babies deserve.

How can we can help your family?  

 – Antenatal home visit/meeting to include: Information regarding preparing for baby, breast feeding preparation , how to cope with the last few weeks of pregnancy and any support or information which may be required in relation to your baby’s birth.  

– Post natal visit to include: Breastfeeding assessment, newborn care demonstrations (if required), tips on how to take care of yourself as well as caring for your new baby. Advice on how Dad’s can be involved even if baby is being breastfed.  

– Breast feeding support which is tailored to your family’s requirements.  

– Telephone and email consultations and access to Facebook Support Group  

–  We understand that every family is different and so will have individual requirements, we can offer packages which are tailored around your needs.  

If you would like more information or feel we could help your family please click here and fill out the form and we will be in touch very soon.


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