First Day of School

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I can’t believe that today is September already, where did August go?!

For lots of your little ones, it will be their first day starting at school next week. This is an exciting but sometimes daunting time for both you & your child.

Check out this article on the Top Tips of helping your child with their first day at school as it has some great pointers on how you can help the transition be as enjoyable & stress free as possible!

First Day of School: 10 tips on helping your child as they start primary school


Starting school is a big step for any child, but there are ways to help them feel more comfortable as they begin this new phase in their lives.

With September looming, we’ve put together a list of tips on how to help your child in those nerve-racking days before school begins, on the first day and as they settle in to their new routine.

Before school starts
Get organised: Make sure you’ve got everything they need in time for your child’s first day. Include them in decision making processes – even if it’s just choosing a lunchbox – to get them excited about starting school. Label their clothes and show them where the label is, so they can check it themselves.

Talk about what they can expect: Explain to your child about school rules, routines and schedules so they know what to expect. Assure them that the teacher is there to help, and that you will be there at the end of every day to talk to them. You could even tell them a bit about your own experiences at school.

Become familiar with the school – Take a walk to school and show them the building while it’s empty and not surrounded by people. Point out the gates, playground and where they’ll be going in on their first day.

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