Employers Responsibilities


There are many responsibilities when employing a nanny and it is important you are aware of them before the nanny commences working for you and your family.

The Job Description

This should specify the nanny’s exact duties and responsibilities so that they are aware what the position entails. This could include hygiene, managing behaviour, communication with parents, housekeeping duties and many more which we outline in our welcome email.


This is a legal requirement to have a written contract of employment between you and your nanny. This needs to be read through and understood by both parties. Once both copies have been signed you both keep one. Contented Childcare can provide you with a sample contract which you can amend to make it relative to your family’s needs.

Tax and National Insurance

The nanny is employed by you so you are responsible to register with a nanny payroll firm such as Nanny Tax which you can do through Contented Childcare.

Statutory Sick/Maternity/Holiday pay

As the nanny’s employer you are responsible to pay this.

Public Liability Insurance

You must ensure that your household insurance policy covers you for the nanny working in your home.

Car Insurance

If you are providing the nanny with a car you will need to add them onto the insurance & provide the appropriate car seats. If the nanny is using her own car you will need to come to an agreement of reimbursing her for petrol costs.