Christmas Card Craft Ideas!

Christmas (1)

Last year we were sent a very lovely Christmas card from my friend’s baby, so this year we have pinched the idea for Isla-Grace!

We had great ‘fun’ doing lots of footprints and undoubtedly we managed to get in a bit of a mess! I say ‘fun’ because it all started off brilliantly but then it got a bit crazy so unfortunately we didn’t manage to get any photos!

Isla-Grace wasn’t too sure of the squelchy feeling of the paint between her toes but I am sure this is because she has such tickly feet!  She then decided she had had enough of making footprints and began to have a bit of a meltdown so I started to clean her up. When I looked round Oscar the dog was stood on the painted paper having a sniff and then walked across the kitchen floor leaving brown foot prints! ARGHHH!!


Even though we put down lots of newspaper, let’s just say that painting + a white kitchen floor = MESSY!!!

Isla-Grace 2015 (1)

Here are some other hand and footprint ideas you can make into for Christmas cards for friends and family 🙂


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