Best of Both Worlds

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Going from being happily married with a dog to then welcoming a new baby into our lives has been the best experience of our lives so far. Has it changed me? YES! Life is so different to how it used to be now I have a small person who depends on me & takes up any spare minutes I may have, but would I change it for the world? Absolutely not!

In her newest Blog ”Best of Both Worlds” Fiona illustrates how your priorities change when you become a mum. I can relate to this with juggling looking after a 15 month old along with running Contented Childcare, keeping the house from not looking a complete bomb site & coping with a husband who works away a lot, it has been a challenge to say the least. Life is hectic these days but I love it! I too used to read magazines on a weekly basis but as you can see they are unopened as my bed time reading (if I’m not too shattered!!) usually consists of something to do with Isla-Grace and child development or behaviour! I love the fact I find all these topics so interesting but it still doesn’t mean I don’t love a good gossipy magazine every now and then and sometimes you just need to switch off and read something mindless like your Facebook Newsfeed! Lots of things I used to do have taken a back seat since becoming a mummy but it does make you really appreciate any ‘me’ time you get and it’s so important you get this time. So can you have the best of both worlds? I think so Yes!! (although ask me again when I have another baby!!!)

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