Affordable Options

role modelHave you considered a nanny-share or nanny with own child?

If not please check out all the benefits below:

Nanny Share

What is it?

A Nanny share is where two families share one nanny allowing you to split the costs.

We at Contented Childcare have chosen to specialize in nanny share positions because we believe the benefits go far beyond it being a more affordable way to use quality childcare. We love the nanny option, and we truly believe it the best childcare option for young children. A nanny share allows more families to choose a childcare option they previously thought was out of their price range.

Not only are nannies the next best option to a parent, nannies also have such an intuitive connection when it comes to children, developing beautiful loving and important bonds. They have a unique understanding allowing them to sense the children’s needs, understand their behaviors and have experience in all the new phases children go through, as they grow and develop.

Young children need these close bonds to feel safe, secure and most importantly happy. When they are being truly nourished and nurtured, they will thrive and flourish not just physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually too.

Nannies are like parents but with more practice and a much better night’s sleep! If they have their own child, they again become even more amazing, with this new heightened maternal bond and instinct. Nannies with children understand parenthood as well as the dynamics of running a busy home, meaning they take it all in their stride and can handle the pace more than most!

We have listed some of the benefits of having a nanny share:

  • Splitting the cost makes it more affordable for all
  • It’s a great option to share with a friend who is looking for similar childcare
  • It increases your chances of finding a good nanny
  • It’s cost effective if you just have just one child
  • Children are able to feel safe and familiar in their home environment
  • The children from both families create close bonds – instant siblings/besties!
  • A nanny becomes like an older sister, fun, nurturing and playful whilst being focused on the children’s individual needs
  • Special bonds with the nanny can allow you to feel happier leaving your children with someone they love and have fun with
  • Two houses to choose to play in; giving a variety of toys and a change of scenery
  • Routines can be kept similar to how you would do things yourself
  • The day can be tailor made to how you desire
  • Healthy meal plans can be achieved for all dietary requirements
  • A proper established nap/play routine is maintained
  • Unlimited access to the outdoors
  • Fun trips out to groups, library, parks
  • Pick up older siblings from school
  • Children can be all bathed and ready for your return
  • If they’re poorly the nanny can have a chill day caring for your child in a way that can’t be achieved in alternative childcare settings

Nanny with their own Child

This is another great option for families which is often overlooked by parents!

Nannies who are now mothers are a fantastic choice because not only do they understand parenthood on a new heightened level but they are also familiar with running a family home.

Mummies have an incredible intuition, instincts and a big heart.

Nannies which their own children do not favour their own child, this is a big misconception and frequently we have found that it is their own child who has to fit in around the other family’s children.

Here are some other benefits:

  • Experienced nannies become experienced Mummies
  • They are grateful for a job which enables them to raise their own child too, so they are likely to stay for the duration
  • Nannies with their own child often go that extra mile
  • This option can work out cheaper than a nanny without children
  • It can widen your search for the perfect nanny
  • They are often happy with less hours
  • A great option for smaller families of 3 children or less
  • Instant sibling/bestie bonds to be made
  • Great option to socialize children in their own environment
  • Nannies with children are frequently in the know about local groups, parks and activities suitable for children of all ages
  • They have firsthand valuable experience with all the developmental phases and childhood illnesses
  • It’s a great way to prepare children for future siblings!