Why choose a nanny with own child?

Nanny with their own Child

This is another great option for families which is often overlooked by parents!

Nannies who are now mothers are a fantastic choice because not only do they understand parenthood on a new heightened level but they are also familiar with running a family home.

Mummies have an incredible intuition, instincts and a big heart.

Nannies which their own children do not favour their own child, this is a big misconception and frequently we have found that it is their own child who has to fit in around the other family’s children.

Here are some other benefits:

  • Experienced nannies become experienced Mummies
  • They are grateful for a job which enables them to raise their own child too, so they are likely to stay for the duration
  • Nannies with their own child often go that extra mile
  • This option can work out cheaper than a nanny without children
  • It can widen your search for the perfect nanny
  • They are often happy with less hours
  • A great option for smaller families of 3 children or less
  • Instant sibling/bestie bonds to be made
  • Great option to socialize children in their own environment
  • Nannies with children are frequently in the know about local groups, parks and activities suitable for children of all ages
  • They have firsthand valuable experience with all the developmental phases and childhood illnesses
  • It’s a great way to prepare children for future siblings!


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