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When employing a nanny you need to ensure these criteria are met:

  • You register as an employer with the Inland Revenue
  • Keep a payroll record and provide payslips on the childcarer’s behalf
  • Pay Employee’s income tax and National Insurance Contributions
  • Pay Employer’s National Insurance Contributions
  • Provide an annual summary of all these deductions and payments

Nanny tax can help you with this and take the pressure off of you!

Payroll for busy parents

Family life is busy enough. After a long day does anyone really want to tackle the time-consuming and complicated task of working out the nanny’s Tax and National Insurance, and sorting out her payslips? But it’s got to be done because as her employer, you’re responsible for paying her deductions on her behalf to the taxman, who could potentially come calling if you don’t. In one comprehensive, all-inclusive service, Nannytax takes care of all your payroll requirements and you can rest easy knowing your tax obligations, as an employer, are being properly looked after.

Convenience at your fingertips

Need a duplicate payslip or need to know how much to pay HMRC? Perhaps your nanny has left and you are replacing her. This is what our Members Area is for. Every Nannytax client has a unique online account where payslips are available to download right when they are needed (avoid postal disruptions!) as well as facilities to make changes to the nanny’s employment situation. The Members Area also provides unlimited access to our Legal Helpline where a range of useful documents, including Employment Contracts, are at your disposal.

For 18 years Nannytax has been providing a reliable, stress-free and convenient way of managing nannies’ Tax and National Insurance for thousands of families across the country. Most parents take on a nanny to make their lives easier – and Nannytax is here to keep it that way.

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