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Welcome to Contented Childcare’s list of current positions, please get in touch if a position interests you. If you would like to be added to our weekly job emails, please send us an email to or give Aimee a call on 07890 334460 and add us on Facebook! We look forward to hearing from you! All of the Childcare & Babysitting jobs cover the Oxfordshire, Berkshire & Wiltshire areas.

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Nanny Positions
Title CCG337 Full Time Nanny in Goring Heath
Categories Nanny Positions
Location Goring Heath
Job Information

CCG337 Full Time Nanny in Goring Heath

Children: 1-year old twins

Days/hours: Monday-Friday 7am-7pm or 4 Days considered

Start date: December 

Details: A professional nanny with at least 2 years previous nanny experience is required for a full-time role. Twin experience would be preferable. Professional candidate looking for a long-term role. General nursery duties, toddler groups, cooking nutritious meals & encouraging development through age appropriate activities. Some London stays and travel with the family.

Pay: £Dependant on Candidate

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Title CCH343 Before & After School Nanny/Housekeeper in Hendred
Categories Nanny Positions
Location East Hendred
Job Information

CCH343 Before & After School Nanny/Housekeeper in Hendred

Children: 7-year-old twins

Days/hours: Tuesday, Wednesday & Alternate Thursdays (flexible)

Start date: 31st October

Details: A caring, fun nanny with a good sense of humour is required for school drops offs & pick-ups. Tuesday – 6:45am-8am & 4pm-7:30pm, Wednesday 6:45am-8:30am & 4pm-7:30pm, Thursday flexible is required more hours, housekeeping can also be offered for a total of 14 hours per week. Own child welcome.

Pay: £12gph

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Title CCW339 Part Time Mother’s Help near Wantage
Categories Nanny Positions
Location Wantage
Job Information

CCW339 Part Time Mother’s Help near Wantage

Children: 5, 3 years & newborn

Days/hours: Monday-Friday 3:30/4:30pm-7/7:30pm

Start date: January 2018

Details: A kind, reliable & loving mother’s help is required to help mum when the new baby arrives. Both childcare and household tasks working alongside mum to ensure a stress free, happy environment. Preparing tea, playing games with the oldest two children, bath time, story & settling children to bed. Extra hours can be offered in the morning. 

Pay: £9-10nph

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Title CCD331 Afterschool Nanny near Didcot
Categories Nanny Positions
Location Near Didcot
Job Information

CCD331 Afterschool Nanny near Didcot

Children: 7 & 5 years

Days/hours: Wednesday & Thursday, 3pm – 7:30pm

Start date: September 

Details:  A caring, compassionate & fun nanny is required to pick up the children from school, help with homework, feed them tea & keep them entertained until parents are home at 7:30pm at the latest. No housekeeping duties to be expected. Holiday hours could also be offered but not essential. Nanny with own child welcome. Ofsted registered would be ideal.

Pay: £Dependant on Candidate.

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