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childcareWe supply daily nannies, live in nannies, maternity nurses, night nannies and many other kinds of child care in the Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Wiltshire areas. If you need a nanny in Oxford, Reading, Newbury, Didcot, Wantage or any of the surrounding villages, please contact us.

Daily Nanny

  • A daily nanny comes to your family home each day and looks after your children during your working hours.
  • Daily nannies will work between 8-12 hours per day Monday to Friday.
  • A daily nanny will earn between £70-100 net per day and around £300-£500 net per week.

Live in Nanny

  • A live in nanny lives in your house or you provide separate accommodation which is included in their salary.
  • A live in nanny would normally work 10-12 hours per day Monday to Friday and will probably include one evenings babysitting per week.
  • A live in nanny will earn between £250-£450 net per week.

Responsibilities & Duties of a Nanny

  • To provide a safe and loving environment for your children.
  • Planning & preparing nutritious meals while maintaining kitchen hygiene
  • Planning stimulating age/ stage appropriate activities that help promote all areas of your child’s development
  • Organising days out & educational trips
  • Taking charge of the care of the children’s rooms, laundry and toys
  • Providing behavioural guidelines and discipline as agreed with the parents

Nanny Share

  • A nanny share is when one nanny looks after the children from two families, either by dividing time between the two or looking after them at the same time. It can be a more economical way of employing a nanny & a good way of sharing the cost.
  • The nanny would earn between £7.00-£10.00 per hour.

Mother’s Help

  • A mother’s help generally works alongside the parent and helps out with the children & light house hold chores. A mother‘s help is not necessarily a qualified person, but usually has some childcare experience. They can work flexible hours will earn between £250-£350 net per week.

Nanny/House keeper

  • A nanny/housekeeper is usually best suited for a family with older children at school. They have the same responsibilities as a nanny but with more duties of the day to day running of the home such as family laundry & cleaning.
  • Nanny/housekeepers would all depend on hours and experience & would be around £350-£450 net per week.

Maternity Nurse

  • Maternity nurses can be trained & experienced nannies or nurses who specialise in the care of a new-born baby.
  • They live in your house & are usually on call 24 hours a day 6 days a week & can be booked from 1 to 12 weeks.
  • Maternity nurses are self-employed and liable for their own tax and National Insurance.
  • Maternity nurses will earn gross pay per 24 hours for a single baby – £120-£160, Twins £150-£220 & Triplets £165-£250 but each candidate has their own rate.

Maternity Nanny

  • A maternity nanny is a nanny with great expertise in the care of new-born babies.
  • A Maternity nanny works for 5 – 6 days a week and can be live in or daily.
  • They help mum recuperate & see to all aspects of care of the new-born baby.
  • Maternity nannies will earn £300-500 net per week depending upon age and experience.

Responsibilities and duties of a Maternity Nurse/Nanny

  • Assisting the mother with the care of the baby
  • Establishing a feeding routine
  • Establishing a sleep routine
  • Bath time
  • Babies laundry
  • Sterilising bottles
  • Preparing mother light meals
  • Assistance with breastfeeding

Night Nanny

  • Night nannies can live in or out & usually work between 8/10pm -6/ 8am, 1-6 nights a week and are off duty during the day.
  • They establish sleep routines & get up for the baby during the night so that the parents can have a much needed rest.
  • Night nannies earn around £12 – £15 per hour.

Temporary/Emergency Nannies

  • Temporary nannies are usually available at short notice & provide parents with short term or emergency care.
  • Temporary nannies earn £70-£100 net per day.

Holiday Nanny

  • Holiday nannies are qualified/experienced nannies that are able to help parents who are going abroad on a temporary basis.
  • Salary depends on length of holiday & days/hours.

Summer Holiday Help

  • This is when a nanny or mother’s help joins the family for the duration of the school summer holidays.
  • Pay will depend on days and hours needed.


  • All our babysitters are qualified or have childcare experience with references.

To find out more please of any of the childcare services offered by Contented Childcare please don’t hesitate to get in contact