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Childcare Solutions Agency and Training

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About Us

Here at Contented Childcare we have refreshed our look and direction to include some exciting new options! Click here to find out more!

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Affordable Childcare

Come and see the different solutions to enable you to use good quality trusted childcare options which work out more affordable.

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Maternity Support

From Maternity and Beyond we can offer you a variety of advice and support to help you through those tough first months.

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News & Blogs

Why choose a nanny with own child?

Nanny with their own Child
This is another great option for families which is often overlooked by parents!
Nannies who are now mothers are a fantastic choice because not only do they understand parenthood on […]

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Why choose a Nanny Share?

Nanny Share
What is it?
A Nanny share is where two families share one nanny allowing you to split the costs.
We at Contented Childcare have chosen to specialize in nanny share positions because we believe […]

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MUMS! come and join our FREE Energy Exchange group on Facebook!

This group is aimed great for anyone happy to exchange a skill or service and may appeal to the following: - Stay at home mums - Working mums - Mumpreneurs - Teenagers - Older ladies - Housekeepers/Cleaners - Carers

Monday - Saturday 9am to 6pm